Childbirth Preparation

If you are looking at this page, then I am guessing you or someone dear to you has found out that a new baby is on its way!  This news can be exciting and worrisome at the same time.


I've been there :)

As a woman who was planning on giving birth in a foreign country, I was the most worried about the unfamiliarity with the local medical system, having no contacts and simply not knowing where to start my journey towards meeting my child.

I have found that, besides figuring out where and how to give birth, the first and foremost thing that mothers and fathers-to-be need when they find out about the pregnancy - is the sense that they are not alone.

Once that need for solid ground is satisfied, they are ready for prenatal classes aimed at learning more about pregnancy and birth, about their options, making choices and choosing their birth team.

My course is designed to answer all of these questions.

The childbirth preparation class covers such topics as:

  • finding a healthcare provider in Moscow (how to choose a doctor, insurance, documents for pregnant mom)

  • how to have a thriving healthy pregnancy (nutrition, excercises, tests, myths, conditions)

  • physiology of labour and birth

  • pain management techniques (breathing, relaxation, partner support)

  • postnatal recovery for mom (physiology, belly binding, nutririon, referrals)

  • breastfeeding

  • newborn care

  • attachment and bonding between baby and parents

  • transition into parenthood

Course consists of eight 3,5-hour long classes with experiments, demonstrations, videos and lots of fun!

Cost of course is 20 000 rubles (group setting) \ 30 000 rubles (individual setting).

To sign up for the classes contact me using the form below or at +7 925 880 7185

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