Doula Services

   As a Birth Doula I provide the following services:

  • One free initial meeting

  • 1-2 in-person prenatal consultations, duration of each depends on the client and the situation but no less than one hour long. Additional consultations (paid per hour) are possible if you need more attention and psychological support. I always offer a separate meeting to the father-to-be, which often times helps him feel an important participant in the process and to better understand his role in it;

  • unlimited support via phone & email up to 6 weeks postpartum;

  • when necessary, help finding local medical and other perinatal specialists who can provide good care for English speakers;

  • 24/7 on-call two weeks before your due date and until the birth of your baby;

  • continuous support during labor and birth; often that is topped with translation and interpreting between medical staff and mom;

  • once baby is born, help mom & baby adjust at the hospital or at home for (2-3 hours);

  • help with initial breatfeeding;

  • postpartum visit at home, discussing labor and birth, psychological support of the new mother, and dad if necessary;

  • access to my personal library in Russian and English languages on pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


    Birth Doula fee is $400

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