Coping with Motherhood

October 12, 2013

Today I had a happy insight.
There are so many gadgets and devices out on the baby market that are supposed to make mothers' lives easier. Strollers, mammaroos, pacifiers, swings, jumpers, cribs... Yet mothers are still wiped out. Having been a mother for only 6 months, plus 9 months of preparation, I've heard so often from other new moms: it's not easy, exhausting, forget about your life, forget about yourself, your life is your baby, wiped out, it gets better, etc. Surprisingly, I haven't heard a lot of positive and happy affirmations about Motherhood. As if it would help to survive the storm if you're "informed".
At times I do gather a good piece of advice, like how to help my baby go through this or that stage. Yet the most wonderful things I have discovered on my own. My son enlightens me. Every day.
Coping with Motherhood, I imagine, can become a struggle, even a battle for some, if it's a COPING. I am wiped, exhausted, confused, lost at times, but I am the happiest I've ever been! And that is what I would like to be "informed" about:)
What we believe in is what manifests in our life. Living by the rules such as "your baby shouldn't be sleeping with you", "it is unsafe to carry your baby while you're working", "babies get used to hands and won't or hardly will learn to be on their own", "babies learn bad habits if they sleep with you" - we implement fear, & this fear starts determining our relationship with our own child. If we are not close to our baby - we feel depressed.
Today my husband after spending an hour with our teething fussy son asked me how was I coping with it all day long?
I've realized that I would have been COPING and would have been badly depressed if, above all the load, I chose not to have as much physical contact with my child. We sleep together, on walks I carry him in the sling, tummy to tummy, at home I carry him around most of the time...
It is a known fact that in order to be healthy and happy a human needs at least 7 hugs a day. We hug all the time! While being the main consumer of my energy, my son is the little engine that keeps me going simply by returning the energy through touch.
New moms need touch. More than anything:)

So hug your babies more often. Touch each other!

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